5 Exceptional Ways We Care for Our Tropical Fish

We Go Above and Beyond to Care for our Tropical Fish and Coral At Living Art Aquatics, we enjoy crafting beautiful aquatic seascapes for our customers. Of course, aquariums are nothing without the vibrant creatures that call them home. For this reason, we offer consumers a wide variety of tropical fish and coral. But, of…
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How to Safely Clean Your Acrylic Aquarium

Want to Keep Your Acrylic Fish Tank Looking Sharp? Follow These Simple Guidelines! There’s a lot to love about owning an acrylic aquarium. For one thing, acrylic is stronger and more flexible than glass so that it won’t shatter or leak as easily. It also weighs less than glass, which makes it simpler to pick…
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Top 5 Aquarium Gifts for Fish and Their Owners

Aquarium Owners and Their Fish and Will Love These Holiday Gifts If you have an aquarist in your life, you might be wondering what gift you can give them to help support their aquarium hobby this holiday season. Likewise, if you’re an aquarist, you may be thinking about what you can get for your fish—and…
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How to Heat Your Saltwater Aquarium in the Winter

Stable Water Temperature is Important for Maintaining a Beautiful, Vibrant Saltwater Aquarium As the seasons change and cold weather arrives, keep in mind that this can negatively affect your saltwater aquarium. If you’re not careful, the water temperature in your tank can drop and turn your beautiful living work of art into a pet cemetery.…
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9 Great Low-Maintenance Plants for Custom Aquariums

Brighten Up Custom Aquariums with Some Aquatic Plant Life Designing custom aquariums is one of the most exciting aspects of being an aquarist, and plants are one of the best ways to breathe life into a design. However, choosing the right plants can be as tough as choosing the right fish or the right décor.…
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How Will a UV Sterilizer Benefit My Home Aquarium?

A UV Sterilizer Improves Both the Health and Appearance of Your Home Aquarium If you own a home aquarium, there may come a time when you have to combat various issues like algae, bacterial infections, and other nuisances. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to prevent these problems entirely? Well, you may…
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