How Can a Custom Aquarium Design Improve a Space?

Create a Custom Aquarium Design that Complements Your Commercial Space!

An aquarium is a great way to brighten up any space—but have you ever seen an aquarium that just doesn’t look right? Something about it was off and made it seem out of place, like it belonged elsewhere. You may not have realized it at the time, but the issue may have been that the aquarium’s design conflicted with the theme or mood of the room.

This is why custom aquarium design is so crucial—a few minor mistakes can add up to undermine the overall impression that an aquarium makes. If for example you own a “tropical getaway” themed resort hotel in the Wisconsin Dells, and you install an aquarium that’s too big for the room and sits in an awkward spot, and then fill it with fake-looking imitation coral and common dull-colored fish, the display loses a huge amount of impact and authenticity.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some guidelines and ideas to keep in mind when putting together your custom aquarium design, so that it best complements the space around it.

Navigating Space and Attention

Custom aquarium design starts with figuring out how the aquarium will fit into the space Picture of a custom aquarium with two recliner chairs facing it made by Living Art Aquatics, occupies. How big will it be, what shape will it have, where will you put it—these are all important questions to ask. However, before you ask those, there’s one question at the root of them all: how much attention do you want your aquarium to demand?

Should the aquarium be the center of attention, dominating the room as its focal point, or should it just be an accent or component in the room’s overall design?

If you want your aquarium to draw a lot of attention and be as vibrant and beautiful as possible, then you can start by considering what size and shape the tank will be and where it will go. One effective way to make a big statement is by placing an aquarium at the center of a space, especially a large cylinder-shaped one that you can see into from any angle and any part of the room. Alternatively, aquariums set into a large section of wall can similarly draw focus.

Not all aquariums demand so much attention, though. We’ve all seen the familiar waiting room aquarium, unobtrusively adding some life to an otherwise dull doctor’s office or hotel lobby. There are more oblique ways to position your custom aquarium design, though. For instance, note that since an aquarium is glass and water, you can see through to the other side. This makes it great for use as a barrier that closes a space off physically but not visually.

You can place a long aquarium as a divider between sections of seating in a restaurant to create a distinct separation while still keeping the open feel of the space. Another option is to set one into a wall between two rooms to create a similar effect, where you can see the next room but not clearly. You also can set an aquarium into the corner of a hallway intersection to open that space up a bit. There are many ways to use a custom aquarium design to subtly manipulate a space’s layout, light levels, and overall dynamic.

Of course, the inner design of the aquarium has to suit your purpose as well. If you want your custom aquarium design to be the center of attention, you’ll be investing more in flashy and attention-grabbing specimens, whereas if you want it to be a background element then your livestock don’t have to be so active and colorful.

Custom Aquarium Design for “Destination” Themes

One of the biggest factors that makes an aquarium such a desirable design element is the Picture of a custom aquarium design at a restaurantpower it has to transport you somewhere else. There’s nothing like a vibrant tropical aquarium to make you feel like you’re on some exotic coastal beach somewhere, even if you’re just having dinner in a themed restaurant.

To effectively take control of this effect though, you have to put some time and effort into researching and creating your custom aquarium design before you install it. These days, authenticity is an increasingly important characteristic valued by customers of any kind of business. Just as you may get points for serving food authentic to the place of its origin, your décor also plays a role in delivering an authentic and consistent experience—and that includes your aquarium.

Sometimes this is fairly simple. If you were picking out the fish that would go into the aquarium at a new Rainforest Café location, your task wouldn’t be too difficult. You just add some tangs, angelfish, and other recognizable, colorful, tropical fish.

As another example, let’s say that you’ve been contracted to handle the interior decorating for a Korean spa. The lounge area of a spa is an obvious place to put an aquarium, right? So, what do you include? Well, one idea for a custom aquarium design might include fish and plant life native to the waters of Korea. Loaches, scorpionfish, rainbow gudgeons, sticklebacks, carp—there are plenty of options. With this custom aquarium design, you’ll be able to distinguish your display from other aquariums and add a sophisticated touch to your space.

This doesn’t only extend to the wildlife you put into your tank, though. Depending on the aesthetic character of the space, your custom aquarium design can also include unique decorative elements that add to the theme. For example, let’s say you’re opening a Cajun restaurant or New Orleans-themed jazz bar, and you’re including an aquarium in the space. Now how’s this for an idea: take an old trumpet, coat it in a non-toxic resin to keep the brass from leaching, and use it as an aquarium decoration. If well-placed, even this simple of a design element can take an aquarium from an afterthought to a conversation piece.

A high-quality custom aquarium design is far from an easy thing to create though, especially if you don’t have experience with aquariums. You’ll do best with a professional’s help—and Living Art Aquatics is just the place to get that help. We’re the foremost experts in custom aquarium design in Cary, IL and the greater Chicago area. Not only will we design, install, and stock your aquarium for you, but we’ll educate you in everything you need to know to about maintaining your aquarium. This way, you won’t make all the beginner mistakes you might otherwise make, like not knowing what to feed your fish.

Take a look through our gallery of some recent custom aquarium design projects we’ve done for commercial clients, and give us a call at (847) 737-5151. A new aquarium will brighten your space—and the face of whoever walks in!

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